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Always be prepared: know about the company youíre going to see. If they have a website, browse through it and find out what drives that companyís business.

Dress professionally. First impressions always count, so your appearance can ďmake or breakď your interview. Donít let how you dress start your interview on a bad foot.

Prepare yourself with answers to the questions they might ask you during the interview. Why are you looking to move on? Why havenít you been working? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  Bring a copy of your resume to the interview, as they may have misplaced it.
  Know your resume well. If your interviewer asks you specific duties you performed at a particular job, have that information ready to go instead of searching through the resume to see what theyíre referring to.

Ask questions. Once the interviewer has asked you all of their questions, itís your turn to find out about the position. Find out what your specific duties will be, what they expect of you, and so on. Doing this will show your interest in the position.

Keep good eye contact with your interviewer. Donít fidget and look at your shoes when answering their question. And donít look at your watch! There is nowhere more important that you need to be than in that interview.
  Thank your interviewer for their time at the end of the interview.

Send a thank you card to the interviewer. It will show them your interest in the position and your professionalism.
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