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Priority Staffing Solutions, Inc. is a full-service employment agency. We offer our candidates the ability to find work in a temporary, temp-to-perm, and permanent settings.
How long have you been in business?
We have been placing candidates since 1999.
What kind of salary can I expect to make?
Each job that we send our candidates to is unique, from the client to the specific duties that are performed. As the requirements are different, so is the pay scale for each job. Pay rates are determined by job location, responsibilities, education levels, and experience. All of our candidates are paid the highest amount possible as negotiated by our Account Executives with our clients.

How do I get paid?
If you are working for Priority Staffing Solutions, Inc. as a temporary employee or a temp-to-perm candidate, you are placed on our payroll and paid weekly throughout the length of your assignment. Checks are available for pickup in our office every Thursday after 12 pm, or they can be mailed to you. If you are placed in a permanent position with one of our clients, that client would pay you in the same manner as they pay the rest of their employees.

You must bring your signed original timesheet with you in order to pick up your check. No payroll checks are released without a signed timesheet. If you choose to have your check mailed to you, we must have your signed timesheet in our possession before it will be mailed.

Do your temporary employees get any benefits?
Yes, Priority Staffing Solutions, Inc. offers our temporary employees a complete array of benefits including:
  Medical Benefits
  Dental Benefits
  Vision Benefits
  Referral and Incentive Bonus Programs
  Vacation Days

For more details, please contact your Priority Staffing Solutions, Inc. counselor.
What is your hiring procedure?
When you apply for work through Priority Staffing Solutions, Inc., you will complete our application and then be tested on your skills using our testing software. Some tests will include typing, data entry, spelling, and any specific software suites and skills you may have. An employment counselor will then interview you to review your work history and experience, as well as to discuss your career goals. After the interview, the counselor will determine the best fit for your skills with one of our clients’ needs.
How do you screen your applicants?
In addition to performing interviews and skills testing, Priority Staffing Solutions, Inc. conducts a thorough verification of employment and education in-house for each and every one of our candidates. We are also able to provide additional screening and background checks when requested by a client.
How much do I have to pay to register with Priority Staffing Solutions, Inc.?
There are no costs or fees to register for work with us to our applicants and employees.
How do I begin?
Simply submit your resume through our website. Then call our offices and arrange a time to come in to interview and test. This is a very thorough process, so you should make sure to allow yourself at least two hours to meet with your counselor.
When you arrive, be sure to bring two copies of your resume and at least two forms of valid identification with you. Be professionally dressed, as we may be able to send you to a client right away.
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