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Priority Staffing Solutions, Inc. provides Vendor-On-Premise (VOP) staffing services for large-scale staffing-need clients. Using our VOP services enables our clients to have a Priority Staffing representative on-site to handle any needs and issues that arise, as well as coordinate employee deployment. VOP services are available for all shifts, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each client receives its own customized and co-developed solution that fits the specific needs of the organization.

Here are some benefits to utilizing our VOP solution:

Increased Efficiency
  Our VOP office team is responsible for the day-to-day deployment of the temporary workforce and handles any and all issues that may arise during the workday. This can include problem resolution, worker injury reporting, additional worker requests, and so on. By having VOP members on hand, any changes in workforce needs, such as reassignment or increases and decreases in volume, are handled on-site. Our VOP staff can also coordinate any and all training requirements of each client as directed. VOP office hours are customized to each client’s individual needs.

Testing and Screening
  All of our employees are screened, interviewed, and site-specific skill-tested before they are approved to work for any of our client facilities. They are also reference checked and can be drug tested at the client’s discretion.

Timecard and Payroll Management
  With the VOP solution, Priority Industrial Staffing employees are responsible for the management of all timecard issues for our temporary workforce. We are capable of providing our own software solution or using your on-site time management software. By having the VOP office, your employees are relieved of the responsibility of distributing and holding onto weekly employee payroll, as that duty is handled by our on-site staff.

Client-Customized Reports
  All of our VOP clients receive shift-based dispatch reports on a daily basis verifying who is on premise and working and where. In addition, we provide a weekly fill ratio report that shows our staffing efficiency, as well as monthly and yearly fill ratio reports and any additional reports that each client requires.

On-Site Safety Orientation
  Th VOP solution enables us to give each temporary employee a thorough walkthrough of the client’s facilities. The tour highlights the danger areas, as well as the locations of the facility’s safety equipment and its proper use. In addition, each temporary employee is given a client-customized safety orientation prior to starting their assignment.

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