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You have many rights as one of our clients:
  The right NOT to pay agency fees!
  The right NOT to go through the aggravation of recruiting!
  The right NOT to have OBLIGATIONS!
Priority Staffing Solutions has been providing employment answers for some of the New York Metro Area’s Fortune 100 companies and boutique firms. We have helped our clients by allowing them to fill permanent positions without the worries of fees, the hassles involved with recruiting, and the obligation of hiring the “wrong person for the job” and having to rectify the situation.
Here’s how we make this all possible:

We select candidates from our database that best match your specified requirements and are seeking permanent employment.

We bill you at the same rate that you would pay the candidate directly, plus the recovery of the payroll burden.
  You pay us, and we pay them for a trial period of 65 working days.

If they meet your approval, at the end of the trial period we release them to your payroll with NO agency fees WHATSOEVER!
During the trial period, you are NOT obligated to hire the candidate. You do NOT have recruitment fees or hassles, such as advertising and pre-screening, and there are NOT any employee acquisition costs. We do all of the work, which includes testing, interviewing, and evaluating the candidates we send you.
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